About Me

Robert Rodriguez Suro is a photographer, adventurer, and a National Geographic Young Explorer. He's interested in documenting wild places, people, wildlife, and adventure, through the lens. He lives in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.


From Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, Robert owes the origins of his appreciation for nature to his childhood experiences of traveling, camping, and hiking around the mountains of his home island. Since then, through travels and adventures throughout the world, his love for exploring new horizons has only grown.

Robert attended Boston University, where he graduated magna cum laude in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Anthropology. A former student of BU professor Dr. Cheryl Knott, Robert volunteered for a year of field work under Knott’s orangutan research project in West Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia. Following orangutans every day, it was here that his career path took direction towards photography and exploration.

In 2014, Robert was awarded a National Geographic Young Explorer’s grant, and will be returning to Indonesia in 2015 to commence his Young Explorer’s project, “The Lives of Orangutans.” Robert will be engaging in long-range orangutan follows outside the grid of research sites in order to discover the true home range size of male orangutans. Throughout the expedition, Robert will be documenting the trials and the adventures of living and surviving in the wild, through photos, documentaries, and writing.

When he’s not working, Robert enjoys traveling, cycling, rock climbing, and boxing.

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